Semarang – Part 1


Semarang has the sea in the north and many mountains in the south. Landing there after sunrise gives you and amazing view. Everywhere you can see vulcanos on top of the clouds. The airport seems to be just slightly bigger, than a central bus station. At once we felt very welcomed in this hometown of 1,5 Million people. In contrary to Jakarta, traffic is not the issue here. Therefore, bicycles are still allowed on the road! Semarang is not a famous spot for expatriates. But as far as we met them (the first evening we spend at the Belgian place “Sakapatat”!) they seemed to be interested in the indonesian nature, sporty and sociable. That’s alright by us :-)


The house hunting turned out to be very funny and exciting. We have seen friendly and peaceful neighbourhoods; amazing terasses; a house, we just called “the View”; numerous bedrooms and badrooms in every house, a living area for the housemaid and two kitchen in every house (one is “wet”, one is “dry”); houses with yoga-platforms in the garden; a house with three entrances and a garage you can drive through. We have seen funny, cheesy decorated interior and met indonesians that obviously like to spoil themselves with palasts :-) Our favourit at the moment is a 3-bedroom appartment, that suits us best in location, size and view and that offers a pool and a barbecue area for the close neighborhood! We will keep you updated. Here some impressions:



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