Why monkeys? Dedicated to Singapore.

You’ve seen a few cute monkeys on our blog. These animals seem to be all over the islands here and many different species. Everybody has heard about the orang utan (Indonesian for “human of the forest”) from Sumatra. Which is almost extincted because of palmoil plantages. But I will write another article about that later :-)

We did not see wild monkeys in Jakarta yet – besides Panji, the climbing instructor, of course. But we did see them on Bali, in the monkey forest and in Singapore. The latter experience was very authentic. Wild monkeys who definitly don’t want to be feeded by humans because they are still scared by them and still know how to survive on their own. Although, they are curious and for that reason tolerated that we took a lot of pictures.

Actually I wanted to dedicate this article to Singapore and our short visit there. First of all, it was so relaxing compared to Jakarta, that we felt like enjoying a “spa-time”. You must know, that the city is 50 years old and with the same government for more than 20 years. Sometimes bad, this turned out to be great luck for it’s developement. Singapore has not much in common with any other asian city. It is actually organised. Sometimes a little bit too much, maybe.

Compared to Jakarta we found:

1) buses with doors, where you can sit second floor and see where your areIMG_2368 going




2) signs with streetnames, which also helps for your orientationIMG_2369




3) some nice bridges!IMG_2366 IMG_2446




4) flowers – instead of cars :-) – on the road IMG_2361



5) people that won’t let you read the bus schedule for 2 minutes, without offering their knowledge and helpIMG_2426




IMG_2359      6) trees and plants growing out of buildings

IMG_2408IMG_20140810_183647 7) art and newest arcitecture everywhere



8) even nature is more arty in Singapore

IMG_20140810_163756 IMG_2419IMG_2570










9) nature parks that allow you to forget about everything! :-))







10) and last but best: funny monkeys!!!





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  1. Naja, eigentlich hat der Kleine da gerade ausgiebig gegähnt, Silke! Aber das bedeutet ungefähr das Gleiche, nämlich so etwas wie: “Ich bin hier zu Hause und mich interessiert nicht, was ihr Affen da unten auf dem Weg macht!” :-)

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