Rice Fields


Indonesia produces 7 times more rice than Japan. So when you set out of the cities, you have good chances to hit rice fields pretty quick. Rice fields in Bali are a legend, but actually the coolest, widest, most cliché rice fields that we found are just outside of Semarang. The Hash runs (see earlier article) tend to take us through rice fields, the track being sometimes reduced to this thin separation between 2 terraces. Yes: it’s pretty dangerous to run 10km on this kind of terrain, but safety is a different dimension here.

Europeans like us would typically find this beautiful, simply because we don’t have this in our countries. The people here might find these fields unspectacular or boring, if not a symbol of being exploited by the market economics. Work conditions are pretty tough, no week-ends, the only breaks seem to be for the regular prayers throughout the day.

From the city it is unthinkable to venture out there on your own, you would think that you don’t know how to find a way to these fields etc… The Hash is about following a trail, and once you’re in the middle of it, the only way not to get lost is to follow the trail through the fields, great fun for a Saturday. Photos in this article are from yesterday’s run.

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