We wish you…


….happy St. Nicolaus!!!

for some hot reasons Christmas seems to be very far away for us. Less than 20 days left? It is impossible, that until then the temperature will fall down 30 degrees. And it certainly will not in Indonesia. Good for the people here, because …quote: “we are all freezing here, when it comes to 23 degrees”.
Nevermind the temperature or the fact, that 95% of the people here are muslims, the christmas fever is almost as hot as ours. Maybe Indonesians are proud to celebrate Christmas, because it fits so wonderful to their national colours: red and white! Watch:



Mall weihnachten 1.jpg


Weihnachtsbaumverkauf Mall.jpg



My impression is that Mr. Teddybear is some kind of Santa Clause here, because he is always in the picture.

On our side we are also prepared! Our flights home are booked! We are leaving Jakarta next sunday!!! Let’s go to shop some warm clothes in Jakarta :-) Merry Christmas!

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