New year – new home


Meanwhile it is official, that Jeff took over a new position in Dublin. Briefly, no more reason not to tell you where we are!

Yes, we left Indonesia – although we personally liked it a lot! But we did not intend to become boring. So we want to continue this blog and feed you with lovely stories and pictures from another lovely island. We are in Europe again – still many things seem strange to us (more about that later :-)), but – of course life has become more normal again to both of us and we probably won’t fly to some exotic place every other week anymore. Hence, we won’t make 36 ! new articles every five months. It’s more likely that we write less and about different things. Personally, I always wished, that this blog becomes more interactive anyway, so if you keep on reading “us” in the future, don’t hesitate to comment and feel invited to make our irish blog life a bit happier!

We will not change the blogs’ name, but the header slides – as you can already see. Today it even snows in Dublin, so it would be a bit weird to keep on looking at the sunny 36-degree- pictures.

One more thing has already changed for us: we found an appartment and we are pretty close now to finally move into a new home and to unpack our personal things exactly 7 months after we handed them over to the transporter. wow – what a long and lovely “honeymoon”! I never had to clean up floors or bathroom or wash our clothes since. But believe it or not: we also haven’t ever been so sick of living in a hotel :-)) The moment we will open our container, will give each of us the feeling of one bottle of Champagne! Read about it here after the 7th of February.

But now, just have a look at where we “ended up”, and what we have discovered so far in Dublin. (sorry, no irish beer party pictures so far, although we already drank one or two :-))





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  1. Good luck and enjoy the new island! We are happy, that you are closer to us! And the first impressions look pretty good! We’re looking forward to our visit to you in april! A bientot! Mama

  2. Liebe Anja, lieber Jeff, zufällig habe ich heute euren Indonesienblog nochmal geöffnet, in der Hoffnung, Neues zu lesen und ….. tatsächlich!!! :-)
    Super, dass ich euch jetzt wieder an eurem neuen Lebensort auf diese Weise “mit begleiten” kann. Ja – die Fotos zeigen ganz deutlich, dass ihr wieder in einer anderen Klimazone und einem anderen Kulturkreis angekommen seid. Kein Leben auf der Straße – aber vielleicht im Frühling und Sommer. Bei uns blühen die ersten Krokusse im Garten ;-)

    Anja, schreibst du wieder von deinen Begegnungen? Was machen die Leute in Irland? Welche Unterschiede oder Gemeinsamkeiten entdeckst du im Vergleich zu deinen Erlebnissen mit den Menschen in Indonesien? Wo findet das “Leben” statt? Ich freu mich darauf, Neues zu lesen :-)

    Bis bald – liebe Grüße Heike

  3. schön wieder von Euch zu hören und Danke für Eure Entscheidung den Blog fortzusetzen.

    Liebe Grüße aus Karlsruhe bei sonnigen 13°

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