7th of February 2015

LKW Einblicke 3

Four weeks ago we celebrated reunion with all the stuff we had stored in our container for 7 months. I was super excited when the truck arrived. The first thing the guys said, they saw a few extremly squeezed boxes and a broken table… OMG. But, hey – how come, they opened the container? We sealed it in July in Heidelberg and it was supposed to be opened by us! Obviously everything was unpacked in Jakarta and restored in an indonesian storehouse, because container lease is very expensive. They did better not to tell us about that!!!

Though, nothing was missing due to our list of 170 items! It turned out, that everything was in surprisingly good condition, the tables’ leg was only screwed off, and besides that a bit of mold on backpacks and a few broken glasses. That’s it! In less than 2 hours the truck was empty and the flat more than full. Next challenge was to fit everything in.

Guys, you know what they say when you move – get rid of the old stuff! Which is impossible, evolutionary (we still seem to assume to live longer, the more we have). My advice: just move into a smaller place, you will be happy to get rid of things while you try to put everything into place! Other possibility: just take a big hotel break, before you move back in somewhere, you’d be surprised how less you really need. All the things you did not miss or even remember, think twice before you store them for another decade.

Anyway, our new built-in wardrobes were of cause quickly filled, not only because Jeff focused on the most important items to have the best place!

our wardrobe - already full

Incureably, we also did the exact opposite of getting rid of things and payed IKEA a lot of attention the last weekends. It’s still a good “helper in need”  and it’s next to our favourite climbing place: AWESOMEWALLS.ie :)
Recently, we used the fire side, placed the barbecue on the balcony, did shopping in our neighbourhood, we hung up pictures and had extensive sunday breakfasts. This place has already won our hearts by now. It will be very valuable for us, as it can give us “the feeling at home abroad”! :)

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  1. Oh, das sieht ganz schön aufregend aus – und Du, meine liebe Anja, ziemlich aufgeregt. Ich freue mich auf den nächsten Post mit der eingerichteten Wohnung (ich durfte via Skype ja schon mal “mein” Zimmer besichtigen ;-) ) und vielleicht Eure neue Lieblings-Kletterwand? :-)

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