It’s off season. Low traffic everywhere! What’s our next destination? It just so happend last week, that Jeff was on a conference in Galway. We took the opportunity to spend the weekend in the west. And when I say west, I mean it. Inishbofin is one of the most western islands in Europe. Atlantic here we are!

The island is home for 400 people in the summer. About 180 – only – live here in the winter. Now that the tourist season is almost over, can you imagine how quiet it was? We were able to walk around the small island without seeing anybody in the north and in the west. The cliffs are extremly ruff and there are almost no tracks. Just lucky sheep everywhere (and a few sheep bones! :( ?). In the south we found a lonely beach – just perfect.

It did not rain and sometimes we could even guess where the sun is behind the clouds :) The first house we stumbled in was of course a pub. It was full of people listening to a group of traditional music artists. Here we began our pub hopping with a warming coffee. Nothing else to do for the rest of the evening and night, than listening to the heartbreaking beautiful voices and instruments. We enjoyed some nice (fish) dishes in The Galley Cafe in the East and in The Beach near the pier. Ok, the latter indeed had a screen and – thank the satellite dish – we didn’t have to miss what everybody else in Ireland saw: the rugby world cup! As the evening became late, the music louder and the chaps loaded, we chatted with some locals, who squeezed in at our table. We met John, who owns the only kiosk on the island and also works on the ferry. We met some of his friends and family and learnt about the life and humor on the island. Cheerfully pints were emptied (two of them over table and trousers :)) and jokes about each other made with great enthusiasm. Thank you very much, for these hours! Very nice people on Inishbofin – and not a lonely island after all.

“There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met” W.B.Yeats


By the way: Meeting the Connemara Ponys Bounty (who Jeff became friends with in the end) and Shebra is a whole other story and to be told another time :)


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