Selamat datang di Wisata Badega Gunung Parang


Gunung Parang, a project organised by the usual team of french/german/australian/polish climbers going mental in Jakarta…

A beautiful rock face that shoots off the ground in the mountainous area between Jakarta and Bandung. It’s not as steep as it looks, but it’s much slicker than it looks. Tiny holes all the way, this type of climbing where you have to trust the adherence of your feet and hands onto the inclined face of the mountain. Nerve-racking. We only did 200m this time, but it was enough to get caught by the night as we were cheating our way up a section that is normally way too difficult for us (for connaisseurs: that means aiding an otherwise F8 free-climbing pitch). All got down safely for a chilled-out chili-full dinner and a night in a lovely hut. Some more climbing in the morning, but the rock got the better of us and we gave up after two pitches.

Where are the easy climbing routes in Indonesia???

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