Another weekend in Yogya


for Heike :-) :

This time in Yogya, I met many interesting people.
There was this guy with the street kiosk (one of these where you can buy petrol in bottles). I was asking him, where I can find a motorbike taxi. He started to close his kiosk and said he will bring me to my guest house himself. It was his time to go home anyway.
On saturday morning, there was Ben from ViaVia who drove me to Borobodur temple on his motorbike. He loves and does street art. And he is taking a massage near the temple while tourists are on their visit.
At the sunrise hill there was this young boy, who was stiring a sweeeeet instant coffee for me. I am sure, he is learning english at school, but just too shy to talk to me anything else than bahasa. On the way back Ben stopped to show me his favourit mosque. Coming back into the city we decided to have some breakfast together because we were up since 3.30 a.m.. We met Ebby at Milas. Milas is famous as a very good vegetarian restaurant in Yogya. But in fact its much more, it’s a social project, started in the ninetys to keep children from the streets. Ebby is one of the founders, she studied social work in Freiburg :-) She is in Yogya since 1988. While 30 people work at Milas today, she is the only non-indonesian. It was nice to talk german and to fetch a whole-grain-yummy bread from their weekly mini-market.
There was Dani from the guest house, she can read from your eyes, is alwalys ready for a joke and some warm words.
There was Jarot and Susi from the batik workshop. Jarot wants to be a comedian, but so far he earns his money with batik. He cooked a turtle soup for me – not spicy, just the way I like it. The result was stunning! Susi runs Keliks batik place in a very adorable way. She was telling me about her sons … the whole story, unfortunately my English wasn’t good enough to get it all. :-)
There was this indonesian guy at that reggae pub, so small with hat, but so self-confident and just enjoying himself.
Near the guest house there was this 62 old man with two teeth, three children and a becak, who couldn’t stop asking me if I want a ride. In the end, when he excepted my price, I was very glad I didn’t walk. It was already so hot at 8.30 a.m. and the way was much longer than I thought. Thank you, old man.
Then there were these six boys on their motorbikes, that stopped me at the street to take fotos. Ok, they were a bit scary. It felt like being robbed. I couldn’t escape before each had a picture with me and a motorbike.
There was this jobless man at the alun-alun. At alun-alun there are two huge, old trees. You have to walk blind towards them, for about 30 meters and guess your way. If you manage to hit the middle, it means your lucky. I guess that guy safed me from falling over a motorbike in the first place, because I was terribly wrong. Later he turned into a rather annoying wanna-be-guide, telling me where I should go next. Did he think I am stupid? :-)

In general, it’s super easy to meet people in the street. Mostly “they meet you”. There are different approaches:
1) they want to help you by selling you something
2) their first and only question is, if they can take a picture
3) they are very curious and want to know where you are from, since when you are in Indonesia, where you live and work, if you have a husband, if you have children.
Thanks to these people, meanwhile I can understand and answer all these questions in indonesian!

Oh ja, the reason why I went to Yogya was a hen party for Marea, a colleague from school. We went to a “cabaret” which was actually an incredibly good drag queen show. I learned, that indonesians really love to disguise themselves (I also saw awesome pictures from a halloween party) and that there are some real talents around! Thanks to the oyot godhong theatre at milota batik!

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  1. Hallo Anja – danke für deinen Beitrag – extra für mich ;-)))
    Ist das nicht spannend? Sooo viele verschiedene Menschen und jeder auf seine Art ganz besonders!
    Es erinnert mich alles so sehr an meine Studienreise vor 12 Jahren auf die Philippinen – ist das echt schon so lange her?? ;-)
    Ich wünsche dir/euch noch viele solcher interessanten , bunten, lebensbereichernden Begegnungen…
    … und mir noch viiiele Fotos und Berichte von dir :-)))

    Komm – lass dich mal knuddeln …… ;-)

    Liebe Grüße Heike

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