Semarang – Part 3


This is to give you second impressions of Semarang. Unfortunately, we did not move into a nice home yet. We still live in that big, ugly building in the back, called MG Suites. It is as romantic as it’s name, and for sure only your “second home”. But our patience will hopefully be rewarded soon…



Apart from the main streets Semarang is a very calm city with very friendly people. I was out for a walk lately and was invited to have something to eat in a warung (“no, of cause you do not have to pay”). People always tried to help me to find the way and some I made super happy in reverse, when I took a picture of them. In the center, there is a big area of old colonial houses, which are abandoned, because the people are afraid of gosts. There are many cock fights in these streets. Men proudly present their animals to you and you can watch them fighting for hours. The port is very big, but sadly there is no nice place to approach the water. The indonesians just sit close to big industrial ships for fishing. There are chinese temples and even a christian church, in a super good condition.
Jeff and I love to go to the Basilia, a resto that offers delicious home made food. Since we cannot really cook in our “suite” we go there so often, that I already switched my restaurant behavior into couch behavior when I am there. I should add some more pictures about the city streams… but you do not want to see all the rubbish in there. :-( There are many constructions in all areas. Workers in Flip-Flops and caps climb over bamboo scaffolding. We are afraid, that Semarang will become like Jakarta in a few years, because it obviously grows quickly. Meanwhile, many areas could use a renovation, like that bridge close to the main market.

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