Irelands best

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Living: What was easier in Indonesia, compared to Ireland ? :)

  • Learning and understanding the nations language (Indonesian vs. Gaelic)
  • Talking to a group of people, in which each one was born in the country
  • Catch a good rice dish
  • Getting a nice teint
  • Knowing a person that has a not-yet-economized job
  • Take a picture of a monkey
  • Swimming in the sea
  • Crossing the street safely!
  • Become friends with the cat in the neighborhood
  • Going out for only one drink
  • Stumbling over a shopping mall

What is easier in Ireland, compared to Indonesia?

  • Knowing how to cycle on the street
  • Getting drunk for no reason
  • Spend a furtune in one evening, by taking the bus to a cinema and order a coke there
  • Laughing about different English accents
  • Climbing and bouldering the walls of the halls
  • Have a two-seconds conversation with a colleague
  • Go to bed late
  • Spend a day without sunlight

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